Advertising for TV channels


Today I found an advertising of CineGroupe for the Little Flying Bears to encourage the TV channels to air them. There is a part of an episode too.




I’ve added a polls module on the site.

The first one is to have your general opinion on this website. It would be nice to answer it objectively.

Thank you for your help!

New domain name!


In order to make the access to this site more convenient, I found an easier domain name that the actual one. You take the initials of The Little Flying Bears (well in addition with a .tk) and here is what you get…


DVD publications


I have added some DVD publications of the Little Flying Bears. There are more to come later. Keep in mind that it’s difficult for me to find them since usually they are not in my language.

Therefore I need your help

  • If you know a title of the Little Flying Bears in a language that is not listed here
  • If you know a DVD publication that is not in the DVD section

Please leave a comment with the titles or DVD titles

Thank you !

The forum is now open


I added a forum to the site, so you can discuss together. That forum doesn’t require any subscription, so you will basically post as a guest. If you want to register you can still do so.

Apart of the forum you can still post comments or share the articles you want on main social networks, designed by the corresponding icon.

Don’t forget that more you speak about the site around you, bigger is the chance to get all episodes!

French ad for the Little Flying Bears tapes


Some times ago it was far easiest to get them :)

Platon et Ban

So much souvenirs…


Plato and Walt

Hello everybody!

I created this site because I found out that it was very difficult to find episodes or information about one of my favorite cartoon of my childhood. I had the idea to create a site that would gather all the information / episodes that might be found.

Note that the first twelve episodes are available in French on DVD. They have been edited by LCJ-Editions.

If you, you have old VHS tapes that contains episodes of the Little Flying Bears I would be very grateful if you could send them to me so I can upload them here, even if you can just send me the soundtrack. If you need technical support in order to capture them on your computer or DVD feel free to ask me.

Little Flying Bears theme

One last thing and it is very important if you ever have any other info not listed on the site and want to participate do not hesitate! It is the only way to keep the site alive.

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